Anne of Green Gables


Anne was a multi-step process that started with designing drop caps and typography.


The cover was designed during a class with Robyne Raye called Caligraffitti and fine tuned to fit a smaller book form.


The book layout was determined based on a small format book published by the Loeb Classical Library. It was then printed and hand bound by me for Book Arts with Dan Shafer.


Anne of Green Gables is a book that is close to my heart. I created this book to be a reflection of who the character is and her love of beauty, nature, and imagination ties with the symbolism of religion and home. The tree branches create Gothic style arches to help emphasize the romantic feel of the story. Ribbons and flowers, especially flowers, show how Anne's love of beauty helps her mature into the young woman she is destined to be after arriving at Green Gables.


Below are optional screen printed version of the book cover.

Drop Cap

First drop cap sketch and vector graphic. The inspiration for the drop caps was Victorian era floral images. I continued this theme through my final version adding ribbon to create the letter form.

Cover Design

Process images of the first iteration if the cover design. I worked with alternative writing utensils and thick ink to plan out how the letter forms would look.

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