Design Press The Unwinding Chrysalis
The Nellie Bly Collection Created 2018
for social change. Problems that we face today can be traced back for decades. Opening our eyes to the systemic issues of the past can help us forge our way through some of the basic political problems that are currently around us. Creating a collectors edition that highlights a woman author and reporter from the 1800s named Nellie Bly.
Inspiration Piece
This is a comic that was drawn in the late 1800s showing Congress and how it was manipulated by industrial tycoons in order to keep the rich wealthy and abuse the power of the government to keep the masses 'in their place.' Does this feel familiar to you?
Style Sheet Analog Process Balancing type and creating a hierarchy is difficult enough when working in InDesign. For this series I went beyond the digital to choose lead type from the Cornish book arts room that would pair well with digital typefaces. Here I have a style sheet of samples for critique.
Using letterpress for part of the books was an integral part of the collectors feel of the design. Having experience with setting lead type, I knew that I needed to push my knowledge base a little further for this project. Finding end papers was my first step. I learned how to marble paper to create a color theme for the interior design. Using lead type on book cloth was another learning challenge. I wanted to use a gold color to replicate the gold embossing on old leather books. I ended up having to lighten the ink to make it legible on the dark brown book cloth.