Design Press The Unwinding Chrysalis
Children's Book Created 2017
Junior assignment completed over five 
weeks. I want to illustrate a book that is 
a narrative between parents and children about anxiety.
Mind mapping using the theme that we are assigned for this project, Ecosystem and Balance. I write a list of 20 different ideas to pursue. Of those I narrow it down to these three concepts that I discuss with my colleagues. Carbon footprint in electric vs petroleum fueled cars from manufacturing processes to daily use. Anne beginning and end create a copy of Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Ingleside. "Let's talk about" book on dealing with stress for kids (adding equality/equity, or treating others with respect)
Storyboard and Dialogue
I start with a storyboard idea and work on dialog to help ensure my illustration work with my story line. Each step is critiqued in class.
Style and Illustration
Design Problem Many books are written for parents about 
anxieties in children. very few books are written for children about coping 
with their own anxieties. None encourage real time communication between 
parents and children.
Design Solution Picture book written for children and their 
parents to read together. Parent tips to enhance understanding 
and research. Engaging characters that children can identify. Questions that encourage children to talk 
with parents.