The Nellie Bly Collection was a seven-week project to  bring history to light in today's societal issues. Nelly Bly (a pseudonym) was a journalist and author in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. She wrote about topics from life in foreign countries to what living conditions were in a New York asylum. 
My work centered on the classic design of a case bound book. Using traditional printing practices with all layout and design done using Adobe In Design. The dust cover is a Dada inspired collage of images from the time period the author was writing as well as modern images showing the current day equivalents of the life of a different time. 
The best and most prominent example of this comparison can be seen in the "pamphlet."  With important information that needed to be spread, without going through a local newspaper, one
could commission a pamphlet that would then be handed out to the general public to read.
This allowed one to "share" information such as unfair treatment of workers, tyranny in areas
that should have compassion, and  any other issues that would have caused a stir and enact
 change. Does this sound familiar?

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