I made this book in June, during pride month and with the black lives matter protests ringing in my ears. I truly believe there is a place for each of us here on this earth, and that we are here for a productive and positive reason, a big picture you might say. 
My heart bleeds for all those who have died as a result of their ‘accident of birth’ be it the colour of their skin, who they are attracted to, or how they feel comfortable in their own skin. It truly saddens me to think of those beautiful children that have had their parents turn away from them over their own nature, who they truly are, without a second glance. I hope that some day we will live in a society where everyone is accepted and valued. Where you can’t see the cracks that divide us because they don’t exist any more, because we don’t want them anymore. 
I think that makes my substrate blend well, being the tape that is made to smooth the space between two pieces of drywall so, you know, we don’t have a crack. 

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